Our Story

Printernoodle: Our Story

The story of Printernoodle begins with a small, passionate, and dedicated team of techies and designers who has had the luxury of working in and watching the 3D printer market grow in accessibility over the past few years. Founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, our company has always focused on bringing creative accessibility to as many homes and companies as possible while maintaining an environmentally friendly profile.

What Makes Us Unique

As our company has grown with the market, we knew that we wanted to offer something different, something integral to consumers, designers, and engineers alike. So began our foray into the world of plastics and filaments, the very building blocks upon which 3D printing relies. We are now proud to offer our lineup of PLA filaments. These filaments are biodegradable, non-toxic, and come in a wide variety of colors including Winter White, Ruby Red, Electric Blue, Castle Gray, Jack’Orange, and Bubblegum Pink.


How We Eliminate Common Printing Issues

Now that 3D printing has become accessible to the domestic market, we want you to spend more time enjoying your passion projects and less time making them. As anyone who has tried 3D printing knows, not only do prints take forever to complete but plenty of issues can occur and when they do, they can completely side wipe your project. We want to eliminate these issues by tackling the problem head-on: do away with poor quality filaments that can cause under and over extrusion resulting in print defects. How?

Our filament rolls are crafted with high-quality grade material and each roll comes bundled with two meters of cleaning filament. We encourage you to clean the nozzle after every job so that you can avoid residual filament carbonization. This ensures that your printer stays in top condition, does not print out specks of hardened filament, and does not become blocked or clogged.

Create, clean, and enjoy more with Printernoodle filaments.